While deciding where to hang out with friends, one decides where to drink. Therefore, the best places to step in the New York City are the ones that provide people with the best bottle services. And so, Katra Lounge is ranked among the lounges in NYC that offer people the best drinks. Well, Katra Lounge bottle service menu includes champagnes, cognac, cocktails, gray goose, vodka, Ciroc, nectar rose, absolute and stole. Katra Lounge bottle service menu also serves you with flavored hookah. Katra lounges assure that every night of your life spent at this place becomes a memorable one because Katra Lounge bottle service menu has all the drinks that will keep your mind relaxed and will let you dance to the beats up all night. The place has an exclusive cocktail menu containing aromatic and flavorful ingredients.

So step in, pick up your favorite drink and step up on the ample dance area or make the place to settle and lay back in the comfy couches covered with pillows.

Moreover, where to host your next night out is a big question. Well, Taj Lounge is styled with the most luxurious décor, vast dance space, tasty food and cocktail menu and chill atmosphere that don’t let you step off the place. Taj 2 NYC is an Indian themed lounge with an upscale and sexy decor such as carved teak woodwork included sandstone dancing Shivas and a stylish mahogany and copper-topped ceilings. All in one, the lounge is a combo of a restaurant, lounge and event space. Taj 2 NYC transfers people stepping into the ultimate luxury f dining and nightlife inspired by India. The Taj Lounge offers people special event packages. Whether it’s your birthday party or friends get together, Taj 2 NYC provides you with the best bottle services that make your next event an unforgettable one. The place offers people the best of their services that may fit your desires of the event.

From large to small events, the event planning staff of the lounge will guide you every step of the way to guarantee an unforgettable and a memorable experience at your corporate or social event. So, stop worrying where to host your next event step in with your friend’s group at the Taj Lounge and bless yourself with one of the best nightlife services in The New York City.