When entering any club, people want to step in with style, which means they never want to go out of style. But the question here is. How is it possible? Well, it is.

It is only possible when you follow the recommended dress code for the place. And so club Marquee NYC dress code is also no different. Marquee Club is an upscale and trendy club and therefore so is its dress code. Well, club Marquee NYC dress code recommended for boys is collared shirts, fitting dark denim or pants paired with fashionable shoes. And ladies stick to a little black dress with heels. Furthermore, people are not allowed to step in wearing shorts, baseball caps, hats, ripped or torn clothing, flannelette shirts, male singlet and tank-tops, camouflage clothing, hooded jumpers or bandannas or untidy footwear. The club Marquee NYC dress code is strictly enforced by the doorman and entrance in the club is at their discretion. Well, you can match the attractive and sexy crowd of Marquee if you adhere to the dress code recommended. So, choose the dress that best abides by the dress code and becomes a part of one the most incredible clubs in the New York City.

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